ritePen 4.0.42

A writing tool that allows you to take notes anywhere on your screen
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RitePen is an innovative handwriting tool that allows you to freely write anywhere on your desktop. This application is especially useful for those who work a lot with the computer, and need to quickly take notes by hand.

The program offers you a series of writing tools (such as "pen," "pencil," or "brush") that you can direct with your mouse in order to write on the desktop. You can choose amongst them according to the effect that you want to obtain. For instance, the "pencil" will render the exact trace of the mouse cursor, whereas the "pen" will leave a trace that the program will automatically straighten.

Furthermore, the program enables you to personalize your notes. You are able to choose the color, shape, and thickness of the ink that you are using, you may underline your text, and even make regularized geometric shapes underneath it. Conveniently enough, if you have a touch-screen device, then you can use your finger to write, instead of the virtual pen. A really neat advantage of the program is the fact that it is able to auto-detect the content of your hand-written note, and then convert it into computerized text. Finally, the utility allows you to save your notes for further usage in order not to loose your note once you shut down.

To conclude with, RitePen is a nice and useful tool that helps you take notes and hand paint anywhere on your screen.

Paul Cooper
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